Clausen Fibre Garden

Where our love of the Earth meets our love of the Arts

Clausens Fibre Garden is a small family farm located in Grand Forks, in the Boundary Region of Southern British Columbia. Our goal is to share our passion for the Fibre Arts through hosting individual and group classes, workshops and retreats.

I don’t remember a time when Fibre and Color haven’t played an integral part of my life, my earliest memories of my Grandmother were in her sitting room learning to embroider and watching her Tat. I remember always wearing a new hand knit sweater that my mother made each year to head off to school. When we sold our Sheep farm and moved north my husband promised one day we could get sheep again. So with retirement coming up fast we decided to buy our little farm and set all those dreams in motion.


This is your opportunity to come and develop your passion for color and texture, while you learn how to spin luscious soft raw fibres into beautiful timeless textiles, Try your hand at combing our beautiful Cashmere goats and then spin your very own yarn, or share in the cuddling of our Satin Angora rabbits. Choose to blend then spin from our assortment of home-grown fibres, we do supplement our stock with a few imported fibres. Enjoy your time in our website take a tour through the barns in our photo gallery or read about what antics are happening on the farm in our Blog.

Home Grown and Hand Made

Your Fibre Friends
Mark & Sue Clausen